Onpage Optimization

It provides unique content with proper keyword density, optimized title tags, descriptions and keywords, quality site structure and sitemap allowing easy access for search engine bots.

How we do onpage optimization?

We use Google adwords for the best keyword selection. Selecting the most popular Title tag, Meta description tag, Alt tag (image optimization), and Robot.txt or Robot Meta tag.
1. Title Tag : We select the exact keyword is in the title tag. The title should consist of this keyword and 1-3 additional words. It's also best to place the keyword farther to the left. If you are using the same webpage for multiple keywords use a | to separate them.

2. Keyword Meta Tag : We target appropriate keywords. Do not include any extra keywords that are similar and be sure to not enter more than 6 key phrases in total. If you are using the same webpage for multiple keywords use a comma to separate them.

3. Bolding, Italicizing, and underlining : We emphasize keyword at least once on the page by making it bold, underline, or italicized.

4. Description Meta Tag : This tag is important not because it optimizes the page, but because it's the description shown in Google and other search engine result pages. We make sure to place persuasive and intriguing copy here that is relevant to your targeted search term and helps convince the user to click your site on the results page.

what are the benefits of Onpage optimization?

1. Page Ranking: On page optimization help to improve page ranking position in the search result by improving visibility of site.

2. Time and Quality: The life span of on page optimization is very long and it does not need to do more and more times if it completes once. Therefore it saves your time also because you don’t need to do them more times.

3. Web Traffic: On page optimization process increase web traffic in the bulk amount. There are also many factors which can leave negative effect on the on page optimization process.

Onpage Optimization
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